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 Automated Diagnosis of Esophageal Motility Disorder:

 The major feature (Put a hyperlink here) of our product is that it provides automatic diagnosis of various esophageal motility disorders, which is not available on any available commercial products.

Automated Diagnosis of Anorectal Motility Disorders:

The advantages of our system (put a hyperlink) are that it gives on-line instructions during the test and provides automatic diagnosis of various anorectal motility disorders at the end of the test.

Assessment of 24-h acid reflux (24-h pH):


 >> Products superiority

   1、Interactive data acquisition and display:

2、Intelligent data analysis:

    Step by step procedure guidance

   Auto detection location of LES

    Automatically generate patient symptom based          protocol.

    Interactively and user friendly interface

 Provide complete automatic analysis of all LES, LES Relaxation, Esophageal Contraction properties with minimal modifications

 Automatic property generation of the corresponding selected properties

 Capable of manually analyzing all properties, such as LES, LES Relaxation, Esophageal contractions and UES with built-in user friendly multi-tasking functions.

 Dramatically reduce data analysis time.


   3、Knowledge-based automated diagnosis:

4、Powerful database support:


  Automated detection of esophageal motility parameters: Lower Esophageal Sphincter (LES) pressure; Swallow-induced esophageal contractions; Swallow-induced LES relaxation

 Automated diagnosis of esophageal motility disorders: Achalasia, Diffuse esophageal spasm, Ineffective esophageal motility disorder, Nutcraker esophagus, Absence or incomplete LES relaxation, Hypertensive LES, Non-specific esophageal motility disorder


        Every study information is added to database automatically 

        Power tool for clinical research; Automated epidemiology database

        Search can be performed by:  Symptoms; Diagnosis; Specific motility parameters; Patient information






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