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Anorectal Manometry System


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Anorectal Manometry


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This procedure is to establish motility profile of the anorectum. Patients with fecal incontinence or chronic constipation may be studied for the assessment of anorectal motility. The procedure takes about one hour.
The protocol is as follows:
1) Digital examination to check the obstruction, sensation, and squeeze and strain pressure at the anal sphincter.
2) Assessment of motility of the rectum and the anal canal.
   a) Placement of a water-perfused catheter into the rectum 6 cm from the anal verge.
   b) Assessment of anorectal pressure at different locations by pulling the probe out 1 cm at a time. The patient will be asked to  squeeze, strain and relax twice at each position.

3) Rectoanal inhibitory reflex and sensation.
    a) Place the pressure sensors at the high pressure zone (anal sphincter)
   b) Pump different volumes (10,20,´50) of air into the balloon which is attached to the tip of the catheter and record the sensation (yes or no) reported by the patient and observe the rectoanal inhibitory reflex.
    c) Deflate the balloon.
    d) Pump air into the balloon in a step-wise fashion.
    e) Ask the patient to report the urge to defecate and maximum tolerance.
     f) Take the probe out and remove the balloon.
4) Vector volume
    a) Place the probe without the balloon into the rectum 10 cm from the anal.
    b) Pull out the probe at a rate of 1 cm/s.
    c) Ask the patient to squeeze-and-hold or relax starting from 6cm
    d) Repeat the procedure 2-3 times

Report of major results:
1) Resting/squeezing pressure of the anal sphincter
2) Rectoanal inhibitory reflex
3) Volume of 1st sensation, urge and maximum tolerance
4) Coordination of rectoanal contractions during straining (for constipation patients)



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