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24-h pH Measurement system


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24-h pH Measurement

This procedure is to measure the reflux of acid into the esophagus in a 24-h period. Patients with suspected GERD or unexplained (atypical) chest pain may be scheduled for the study. Acid suppression medications may be continued during the study or stopped a few days before the study depending on the choice of the referring physician
The protocol is as follows:
1) Placement of a probe with dual pH sensors into the stomach nasally.
2) Identification of LES:
a) use the information from esophageal manometry if available;
b) if esophageal manometry is not performed, the probe will be inserted to 65cm (pH reading should be <2) and then slowly pulled out until pH increases to >4;
c)esophageal manometric probe will be used to identify the LES if the patient is on acid suppression medications.
3) Measurement of 24-h pH with the distal pH sensor 5 cm above the LES.
The patient will be allowed to go home and resume all daily activities.
Report of major results:
1) Total time pH below 4
2) Longest period during which pH below 4
3) Correlation of reflux with symptoms




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