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Brief Introduction of Medkinetic Inc.

 Functional gastrointestinal diseases affects as much as 70% of general population and accounts for 40% of patients in gastroenterology clinic. These include gastroesophageal reflux disease, achalasia, functional dyspepsia, gastroparesis, intestinal pseudo-obstruction, postoperative ileus, constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome and fecal incontinence

Accurate and scientific diagnosis of functional GI diseases is very important for appropriate treatment of these disorders. The manometric system is considered gold-standards for the diagnosis of these diseases. While the system has been used in major medical centers and certain specialized gastroenterology clinics, its application by general gastroenterologists is very limited, due to the fact that extensive experience and specific knowledge are required to operate such a system and accurately assess GI motility. Since the manometric system does not provide any interactive guidelines for the users, some crucial information could be missed even by very experienced experts during the procedure.which may results in inaccurate diagnosis.

In contract, the new manometric system developed by Medkinetic inc. provides a live and interactive guidance during the procedure, and moreover, it offers the  automated diagnosis of various motility disorders based on the build-in expert system. As a result our system is much more user-friendly and does not require extensive knowledge and human intervenes  to carry out the procedure and interpret the results. It is similar to the automated EKG system and is therefore expected to find widespread use  in clinics of gastroenterology.


MedKinetic (Ningbo) is a branch of Medkinetic inc, based in OK, USA. It is founded by a number of us, including myself. The mission of MedKinetic (Ningbo) is to improve quality of life of patients with functional GI diseases by popularizing GI motility tests. The idea of founding such a company resulted from my own work and research. At the time when I served as the Director of Clinical Motility Lab at University of Texas Medical Branch, I had to pull up manometric tracings, manually analyze data and came up with the diagnosis. In average, it took me about 30 min to finish a report of one patient without counting the time to carry out the procedure. I was hoping that the software system would do it accurately and automatically for me. I waited and waited´ However, none of the available systems is satisfactory to my needs. One day, in the middle of this routine and tedious yet very important work, I heard one voice from myself ^why don¨t you develop such a system yourself ̄. Thanks to the excellent work of various teams of Medkinetic(Ningbo), a complete automated GI motility acquisition and diagnosis system is now available. I hope that you would like it as much as I do.

Our technical team led by Zhijun Weng, PhD and Hongbing Zhu, MS is available to answer any questions you may have regarding our system. Our administrative and marketing team led by the CEO of the company, Jianfeng Chen, PhD is ready to serve you.


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